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Tiny House Owners: Home Defense Options In Congested Space

No matter what type of dwelling you live in, it's important to consider your home defense options. In a smaller home like a tiny house, a home alarm will typically not give you enough warning to properly escape the home or get away from any danger on time. This is why a lot of tiny house owners will equip themselves with self-defense in the form of a gun. Just like everything else in your house, you must consider the size of guns and places where you can easily hide them or keep them easy to access. Read More 

Planning An Active Birthday Party: Keep The Kids Busy And Have Some Fun At Your Next Party

As your child's birthday gets closer, you have some options. If a backyard party makes you shudder at all of the planning, baking and cleaning you'll have to do, it's time to consider your choices out in the community. Whether you want to take the kids bowling, head to an arcade, or have an activity filled party at a gymnasium, you can have an exciting birthday party for your child without having to do all of the work. Read More 

Ask The Banquet Hall Staff To Set Up Your Room In This Manner

When you work as the administrator of a youth sports organization, you'll often turn to local banquet halls to host your end-of-year celebrations. These events, which provide an opportunity to formally hand out team and individual awards to players, recognize coaches and parent volunteers, and more, routinely take place at the end of the season and may involve multiple teams and hundreds of attendees. Once you've found a local banquet hall that can accommodate your needs, you can start to work with the staff to ensure that the room is set up to your specifications in advance of the event. Read More 

Bought A New Bass Boat? 3 Tips To Keep It Maintained So It Will Last Longer

If you purchased a new bass boat, you likely spent a lot of money and plan to keep it for some time. For this reason, you should keep the boat maintained so it will last longer for you. Below are three tips on how you can do this. Flush the Outboard Motor The outboard motor is the most expensive component on your boat. To keep it running at optimal performance, flush the engine after every fishing trip. Read More 

3 Things You Should Never Do When Preparing To Go Skydiving

Going skydiving can be the adventure of a lifetime. It's often portrayed in television and movies as a hobby that only truly daring people take on, and it's used as a plot device when one person wants to prove their courage. For example, in an episode of Full House where two of the main characters get married, the groom decides he needs one last act of freedom and goes skydiving on his wedding day prior to heading to the chapel. Read More