Tiny House Owners: Home Defense Options In Congested Space

No matter what type of dwelling you live in, it's important to consider your home defense options. In a smaller home like a tiny house, a home alarm will typically not give you enough warning to properly escape the home or get away from any danger on time. This is why a lot of tiny house owners will equip themselves with self-defense in the form of a gun. Just like everything else in your house, you must consider the size of guns and places where you can easily hide them or keep them easy to access. Follow this guide to learn more about gun options for the tiny house and some of the best ways to keep them stored in case of an intrusion.

Hidden Compartments

To help conserve space and keep your home organized, a lot of tiny houses feature hidden compartments that are easy to access. As the home owner, you will know exactly where these compartments are and can find them in the case of an emergency. For example, if your tiny home has a loft, then you may find that there is a hidden compartment right next to the mattress area. By browsing through different designs and themes, you can find a hidden compartment that fits your home. Not only can it keep your gun hidden, but an intruder will not have the ability to easily access it if they break into your home.

Short Barrel Shotguns

Using a gun for home defense is not just about blindly shooting at an intruder. Often, the intimidation alone is enough to scare anyone out of your home. This is why many home owners choose to keep a shotgun in their home for self-defense. With narrow walls, limited space, and low ceilings, a full-sized shotgun is probably not too realistic for your tiny house. There is where a short barrel shotgun comes in. These guns pack the same presence and power as a standard shotgun, but they are much shorter in length. Creating a short barrel shotgun of your own is illegal, but there are a number of legal sellers that you can purchase them from. Once you have the gun, it will be easier to store, retrieve, and use in a tiny house. The gun can fit in a lot of places that a standard shotgun would not.

Wall Space

Counter spaces, shelves, and open areas are needed for all types of things in a tiny house. This includes cooking tools, clothes, and entertainment options like books or televisions. If you want to keep a shotgun like an SBR in your tiny house, then you can consider using some of the wall space. A wall-mounted gun rack is an easy way to hang up your gun and have quick access to it from anywhere inside your home. For example, you can hang the gun rack up in a loft or lower living area like a bathroom. When choosing the hanging space, it's important to keep it away from any entry points in the home so that you will not offer easy access for any intruders.

Exterior Locations

In some cases, it can be extremely challenging to find a proper space inside the tiny house. If there isn't an interior option, then you can consider the outside of your tiny house. Many of these homes have an exterior storage location that can be locked and only accessed as you need it. If you discover that someone is in your home, then you can grab the gun from the outside and use it for any of your defense needs. When storing a gun on the outside of a tiny house, it's important to keep it in a safe and locked area.

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