4 Tips For Recreational Gold Panners

Panning for gold used to be quite a lucrative endeavor for the prospectors who moved out west. Now, it is uncommon for people to strike it rich when panning for gold, but that does not mean you can't still enjoy gold panning as a recreational hobby from time to time! With the tips below, you're more likely to have some success. (Just keep in mind success might be finding a few hundred dollars' worth of gold — not millions! Read More 

Managing Your Buzz When Treating Ailments With Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has helped so many people find relief for ailments of all kinds. Whether you're having trouble with anxiety or chronic pain, there's a strain of marijuana that'll help to sooth your discomforts. Unfortunately, trying new strains isn't always as fun as one might think it would be – it could leave you feeling a little more buzzed than you'd like. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you get the relief that you need when the buzz has taken you too far. Read More 

Why Those Interested In Dance Should Start With Ballet

If you or your child are interested in taking dance classes, you may browse the options at local dance studios and wonder which style of dance is right for you. Perhaps you dream of tapping your shoes to peppy music in tap dancing class, or maybe modern dance seems like a suitable outlet for your creativity. Eventually, you can pursue whichever style of dance you prefer. But first, you should take a step back, and take a few classes in classical ballet. Read More