3 Strategies To Help You Advertise Your Marijuana Business

Marijuana advertising does not yet have all of the same limiting regulations that are found in the liquor and cigarette industries. Right now, advertising marijuana is more about being clear about the product you are advertising and making sure your advertisement is clearly marketed towards adults. There are lots of places you can run advertisements for your marijuana business.

#1 Purchase Space on a Billboard

Purchase some space on a billboard. A billboard can make a big impact. With a billboard, you have a lot of space to include information.

With a billboard, you want to go with an image that advertises your product. You want to include your store or product name, as well as contact information. You don't want to go too detailed, but you want to include memorable information. With a billboard, you can increase your exposure and reach a large audience.

#2 Get Some Old-School Media Coverage

Media coverage is the best type of advertising because it is free. If you are just launching a new product, contact the local paper and see if they will cover the launch of your new product. If you are just opening your store, ask the local press if they would be willing to cover the opening of the store. Or hold a special event and invite the media. You may have to spend some time contacting the media, but you will not have to pay for the press coverage you will get, which can reach a large audience. This can be a great way to reach potential customers you may not otherwise target.

#3 Sponsor an Event

There are lots of big events throughout the summer that are looking for sponsorships. See if there is any event in your community that needs a sponsorship this summer, such as a fair or a business expo. You can see if any teams or athletes are willing to accept your sponsorships.

Sponsoring an event will allow you to gain exposure to everyone who attends the event. Generally, when you sponsor an event, your name or business logo will be included on all advertising for the event, gaining you further exposure.

If you need help increasing awareness of your marijuana product or store, contact an marijuana marketing agency, and they can help you find where to advertise and help you create engaging advertising that will reach your target audience and bring you business.