Details to Check Before You Buy a Refurbished Pinball Machine

If you want to buy a pinball machine to add to your home, then you'll need to make is whether you want to buy a retro machine or a newer one. In many cases, you'll have the opportunity to buy a refurbished retro pinball machine and enjoy this blast from the past. A refurbished retro pinball machine can be appealing for a number of reasons — namely that with newer parts, you should get a longer lifespan out of this type of machine. If you're planning to buy a refurbished machine, here are just a few details to check.


The lights in most pinball games aren't central to the functionality of the game, but they definitely make it more fun to play. Before you buy a refurbished pinball machine, make sure that all of its lights are functional. This usually means that you'll want to play the machine for a period of time before you make the decision to buy it. Have a helper watch while you play the game, and systematically look across the entire playing surface to ensure that each of the lights illuminates when it's supposed to.

Rubber Rings

You want to be sure that the rubber rings, which are critical to the proper operation of the pinball machine, are in good working order. When someone refurbishes a pinball machine, he or she will frequently replace the rubber rings. Over time, the rubber can break down and become brittle, which means that the ball won't bounce off it to the desired degree. Check with the seller to ensure that he or she has indeed replaced the rubber rings and watch how the ball comes off the rubber as you play a test game or two.

Background Image

Some pinball machines have a background image that spans across the playfield. In an older machine, this image can become worn because of the ball passing over its surface countless times. A machine with a worn image lacks visual appeal, which may not be ideal if you're excited about buying the machine and hosting get-togethers at your home with your friends. Fortunately, you can often find refurbished machines in which this image has been replaced. Once the machine that you've evaluating passes each of the items on this checklist, you can feel confident with moving forward with the purchase.

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