Ask The Banquet Hall Staff To Set Up Your Room In This Manner

When you work as the administrator of a youth sports organization, you'll often turn to local banquet halls to host your end-of-year celebrations. These events, which provide an opportunity to formally hand out team and individual awards to players, recognize coaches and parent volunteers, and more, routinely take place at the end of the season and may involve multiple teams and hundreds of attendees. Once you've found a local banquet hall that can accommodate your needs, you can start to work with the staff to ensure that the room is set up to your specifications in advance of the event. Here are some layout elements that you'll want to keep in mind.

Seats Facing The Video Screen

Sports banquets customarily include some sort of video presentation. Often, there will be a video of highlights captured throughout the season, for example. You'll need to keep this element in mind as you discuss the room setup. Not only will the banquet hall ideally be able to provide a screen and projector, but the setup staff will need to ensure that the room is organized so that the majority of the seats are facing the screen. This way, people won't have to pivot significantly when the video presentation is played.

Separate Tables For The Silent Auction

Sports banquets and silent auctions often go hand in hand — the league will solicit donations from local businesses and auction them off as a fundraiser. This auction will be a popular attraction at the sports banquet, with plenty of people going to peruse the items and write down their bids. As such, you need the room to have a series of tables in a separate area to host the silent auction. You don't want the tables with the offered items right in front of the stage, for example, as there will be a constant flow of people who may get in the way of the presentations.

Tables For Trophies And Medals

It's customary for all of the trophies and medals that will be handed out during the sports banquet to be put in display in advance of being given. This gives attendees a chance to see each trophy up close, which is ideal, as motivation for the teams that didn't win the championship. Make sure that banquet room is set up so that there are tables beside the stage. This will allow people to peruse the hardware, while also keeping the trophies and medals conveniently accessible for the on-stage presentations.

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