Planning An Active Birthday Party: Keep The Kids Busy And Have Some Fun At Your Next Party

As your child's birthday gets closer, you have some options. If a backyard party makes you shudder at all of the planning, baking and cleaning you'll have to do, it's time to consider your choices out in the community. Whether you want to take the kids bowling, head to an arcade, or have an activity filled party at a gymnasium, you can have an exciting birthday party for your child without having to do all of the work. In general, a great birthday party is one that has some structure, but also allows the children in attendance to have some free time to explore and play. 

The Bowling Alley Birthday Party

The bowling alley party is a great idea in theory. You spend a set amount of money per child, pizza is brought to your table, and the children all happily bowl for two hours together. The problem is, many young children don't know how to bowl. Bumpers are required, and you have to worry about everyone taking their turn at the right time. Add in a few hyper kids who throw the bowling ball overhand, and you have a bowling headache on your hands. If you have enough adult help with you, a bowling alley party can work. If you don't have enough supervision, you will have kids running all over the place.

Going to the Arcade for a Birthday

Going to the arcade for your child's birthday can be a great idea, as long as they only want to bring a friend or two. While your child may have a great time, it's important to remember that most games at an arcade aren't going to cost you a quarter anymore. You may end up spending $1 for one game that lasts less than a minute. The costs will quickly add up if your child brings more than one friend. When you aren't ready to drop a few hundred dollars at an arcade, it's time to consider a different alternative.

An Active Birthday Party at a Gymnasium

With obstacle courses and gymnastics equipment to use, a birthday part at a gymnasium is an adventure for children of all ages. The price is set per child, so you don't have to worry about extra spending like at an arcade. In addition, there are enough activities to do for everyone to be busy at the same time. When you want your child to have a great time at their next birthday, an active, fun party at a gymnasium like Brown's Gymnastics is the answer.