3 Target Ideas For Children With Rubber Band Guns

If you purchase a rubber band gun for your child, you may find that they begin shooting at random objects. While you should take the time to discuss rubber band gun safety with your child and let them know what is and isn't appropriate to shoot at, you should also consider making some targets for your sharp-shooter-in-training. Making targets can be a fun bonding activity to do with your child and can help curb your child's desire to aim at your picture frames or their sibling. Read More 

3 Hot Tub Covers To Protect Your Investment

While purchasing a hot tub, one of your considerations should be how you will cover it. Covers help prevent children from falling into an unattended hot tub and keep debris out of your tub while you are not using it. While many hot tubs come with their own covers, there are some advanced features that you can find with custom options that can enhance your hot tub experience and make your cover easier to use. Read More 

New England River Fishing: 5 Tips For Catching Bass

If you're fishing in New England, chances are that you are exploring one of the many natural rivers that flow through states. These rivers are full of fish, especially smallmouth and largemouth bass. Before you hit the water, it's important to prepare for catching these fish and not go into your trip blindly. By preparing your bait and fishing strategies, you can have the best odds of catching a bass and finding locations where the fish are located. Read More