Are You Planning A Girls’ Trip To The Beach With Your College Friends? 4 Benefits Of Booking Floating Tiki Boat Tours

Hanging out at the beach might've been you and your college friends' favorite pastime, or an aquatic adventure might just be a dream come true for all of you if you went to a landlocked university. While you'll find lots of tours and other adventures available at popular beaches, you just can't beat these benefits of floating tiki boat tours for turning your girls' trip into an amazing experience.

Opt-Out of Having to Steer the Boat

Boat rentals are great, but they leave at least one person having to play the role of the designated driver. Plus, it's hard to get into all of the inside jokes when they have to keep an eye on their route. A tiki boat tour comes with an experienced captain that helps everyone stay compliant with the maritime laws and be free to enjoy all of the action.

Get Closer to Nature Safely

Aquatic adventures often involve some element of risk. For instance, you might've thought about kayaking to see some dolphins or manatees at some point, but it just isn't everyone's style. Tiki boats offer a bit more safety since you don't have to worry about flipping over a kayak or getting hit by a wave while surfing. You'll still have tons of fun going out deeper on the water than you would by sitting on the beach, and you might just spot some awesome wildlife out there.

Bond Without Distractions

Many boat tours cluster large amounts of people together to get the most money out of each sailing trip. Tiki boats operate a lot differently because they are designed to provide a more intimate atmosphere. Private rentals allow you to make sure that it is just you and your friends out on the boat. When it's just you guys, you don't have to worry about strangers hearing as you reminisce about those embarrassing college parties.

Capture Picture Perfect Selfies

You've all worked hard to make it to the point in life where you can plan a college friend reunion, and it's natural to want to celebrate by snapping some amazing photos that you can put on social media. You can plan your tour to take place at sunset so that you can get gorgeous lighting along with the sun's rays in the background. Or, you can opt to have your photos taken as you hang out around the bar. Either way, you'll love how young and free everyone looks against the backdrop of a tropical paradise. 

For more information, contact a local company that offers floating tiki boat tours