Benefits Of A Run-In Horse Shelter With Two Openings

When you shop for a run-in horse shelter, you'll see structures in all sorts of sizes and with different designs. In general, these structures will either have one opening or two openings. The latter type will have openings at opposite ends of the structure. While there are lots of different factors to consider before you buy a run-in shelter, giving some thought to whether you want a structure with one or two openings is important. Here are some reasons that a run-in shelter with two openings can be a good choice. 

Easier To Enter

A run-in shelter that has two openings will generally be easier for horses to enter. If there are horses on different sides of the structure when inclement weather arrives, it will be easy for the animals to run to the shelter and enter through the nearest opening. With just one opening, the animals may clamor for a position around the lone opening before they can all enter, resulting in one horse getting frightened and running away. It's important for your horses to be able to get into the run-in shelter quickly and easily when a storm reaches your area, and a structure with two openings is a better option in this regard.

Feels More Spacious

Run-in horse shelters are available in many sizes, but you'll generally find that any structure that has two openings will feel more spacious inside than a structure that has just one opening. The former design will be much brighter, and brighter environments tend to feel larger than spaces that are of a similar size but are darker. The horses may find this bright and spacious space more appealing, but you'll also find it handier. For example, when you're cleaning the interior of the shelter when the horses aren't in it, the brighter environment will make it easier for you to complete this task.

More Comfortable

A run-in horse shelter with two openings will allow the breeze to blow through the structure, creating a pleasant environment for the horses. Conversely, a structure with an opening only at one end won't be as breezy inside. On a hot day, the breeze will especially be valuable to create a pleasant environment for the horses, particularly at times when the structure is crowded and the body heat of the animals is increasing the shelter's temperature.

Contact a horse shelter supplier to learn more about run-in shelters, including those with two openings.