Different Types Of Hunting Hats Can Help You Hunt Waterfowl All Year

The purpose of a hat is to protect your head from the sun and shield your eyes. If you are hunting for waterfowl, you might also need a hat that is camouflaged so that the birds you are hunting will not be able to see you coming. There are several types of waterfowl hunting hats you can choose from to protect your head and be a more effective hunter.

Simple Brimmed Hats

The most basic type of waterfowl hunting hat is a simple hat with a brim. You will want a hat that is waterproof to protect your head from the rain and you'll also want the hat to be breathable so that your head doesn't become too hot. Then, your hat will be comfortable to wear regardless of the temperature.

The hat should also be elastic so that it will fit on your head comfortably. Otherwise, there are a broad range of materials that a hat can be made out of.

Boonie Hats

If your biggest concern is the sun and the rain, you might want to purchase a waterproof Boonie hat. These are ideal also if you will be on a boat while hunting waterfowl. They usually come with straps that will prevent the hat from blowing off when you are on the boat or when it is very windy on a particular day.

Hats With a Face Mask

Some hats come with a face mask that can protect your face and can also make sure that your face is also camouflaged. Usually, the face mask can also be tucked into the hat when you are not using it.

Shelter Hats 

A shelter hat wraps around your entire head and only leaves your face exposed. This is designed for when you will be wearing the hat when it is cold out because the hat will keep your head warmer. It protects your head when you are riding on an ATV or a boat.

Buy Multiple Hats for Every Situation

If you are hunting all year round, you might need multiple waterfowl hunting hats so you can make sure that you have the right type of hat regardless of what time of the year it is and what the temperature is like. Some hats are better for warmer weather, some are better for colder weather, and some can be worn all year round.

For more information on waterfowl hunting hats, visit a local hunting store.