Opening An In-Home Daycare? Install Playground Equipment & An Overhead Pavilion

Operating an in-home daycare business means keeping the children in your care busy with activities. Since it's so important for children to get fresh air and exercise, having outdoor playground equipment for the daycare children to play on and enjoy is crucial. Plus, the playground equipment can entice more families to want to utilize your in-home daycare business.

Here are a few important things to consider before installing playground equipment for your new in-home daycare. 

Adhere to Your Licensing Requirements

It's important that you adhere to your state's daycare licensing requirements when installing anything in your home for your business and particularly playground equipment. Many states require daycare facilities to provide a certain amount of outdoor space per child, which means you may need to use a larger chunk of your backyard than you originally intended, depending on how many children you will watch in your daycare. 

You'll also be required to install a cushioning, fall absorbent material underneath the playground equipment. Since your playground will be used for your business, it's important that you purchase the equipment and the ground covering from a reputable seller and have them installed by licensed and insured contractors. Your state's Department of Human Services can give you more information regarding the legal aspects and licensing requirements of installing playground equipment for your daycare. 

Install a Pavilion Over the Playground Equipment 

When choosing playground equipment, you'll want to keep your local weather in mind. If your area gets a lot of snow during the winter months, it may be a good idea to construct a pavilion over top of the playground equipment so the children can still play with little-to-no concern about snow, ice, and slush. The pavilion can also allow the children to safely play during or immediately after rainfall.

Also, you'll need to provide shade from the sun if there is no natural shade, so a structure over the playground can double as protection from precipitation and sun. And, keeping the brutal sun off of the playground equipment will prevent the equipment from getting too-hot-to-touch during the hottest days of the year when the sun is brutal.

When determining the placement of the playground equipment, consider how leaves from any trees in the area may fall on top of the pavilion if you install one or the playground if you choose not to install a pavilion or other type of overhead covering. 

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