Taking On The Grand Canyon: Wild Rides You Gotta Try

The Grand Canyon stretches out over 277 miles and is more than a mile deep in some spots. Descent into the Canyon is possible, and is frequently done as part of an adventurer's travel package. If you would like to go on your own expedition of the Grand Canyon, there are some wild rides and tours that help you do just that.

Bike Tours

Bike tours into the Grand Canyon have a couple of descent points. The trails are narrow, so you do have to ride single file in most places. There may be several other adventure bike or mountain bike enthusiasts in your group too. The tours can stretch out for several miles, circling around scenic spots in the Canyon, and some even stop to camp for a night or two on a plateau or the Canyon floor, once you reach it. Physical fitness is a must, as these tours into the Canyon are quite demanding. For more information on bike tours, talk to a pro like Bootdoctors.

River Rafting

The Grand Canyon is cut out of steep rock by the Colorado River, which extends down into Arizona where the Canyon sits. River rafting tours are quite popular, as they only require a single descent down into the Canyon to reach the river, and a single ascent back up out of the Canyon on the end of the tour. Day trips are the most popular because you can raft lazily along and enjoy a shore lunch with the guide and other tourists, or hit up some of the milder rapids in the river. If you go for the rapids tours, make sure you have some experience with river rafting. Longer trips include camp-outs under the stars, scenic sunsets and sunrises, and always plenty of exercise via the rafting and rowing.

Exploration by Horse or Pack Mule

There are also some trips and tours via horse and/or pack mule. Gold miners took many a mule and horse down into the Grand Canyon seeking gold. They assumed that a river this far down inside a Canyon would be loaded with the precious mineral. Their efforts wore down footpaths wide enough for others to ride mules and horses into the Canyon to explore and observe. Today, the trips are quite leisurely, from three- to fourteen-day tours, riding several miles every day, and pausing to rest and/or camp out. Horseback enthusiasts would love this wild ride into the Grand Canyon. Experienced trail riding is expected.