Three Types Of Boats To Consider For Your Lakefront Cottage

If you own a lakefront cottage, then you should definitely buy a boat so that you can enjoy the lake. While it's fun to go swimming, a boat will open up a whole new world of fun pastimes. You can head out for a leisurely trip on the water, go fishing in areas you can't reach from your shoreline, or even get some exhilarating exercise in. This guide is going to list three different types of boats you can get, and some of the fun stuff you can do with them.

A Classic Wooden Rowboat

If you like the idea of heading out for a leisurely trip on the water, or an evening fishing excursion, then nothing beats a rowboat. These are the classic leisure boat. They can be operated by a single person (which is tricky with a canoe) and they have a wide bottom so you can stand up without tipping the boat. You can also bring a cooler into the boat to store fish in to keep them from going bad.

Of course, you don't have to be a fishermen to love row boats. They are also really romantic, so if you're looking for a boat to take out onto the lake and watch the sunset with your significant other, then a rowboat is the perfect choice.

A Canoe

If you're looking for a classic lake experience for your kids, then check out a canoe. These are perfect if you have children because you can take them out on the water and let them paddle. With a rowboat, only one person can operate the boat. With a canoe, you can get a whole lot of paddles and get everyone involved. This makes it perfect if you're looking to get the whole family involved in the activity.

There are three different types of materials you can get when choosing a canoe. Canoes are typically made of wood. You can also find aluminum canoes, which are very durable, so you don't have to worry about running them up onto a sharp shore rock and damaging them. Finally, you can get fiberglass canoes. These are the most affordable style, and are not as heavy as aluminum or wood, so they are great if you need to carry them a distance from the house to the lake.

A Lightweight, Fiberglass Kayak

If you are looking for a great workout, and a really fun time on the water, then you should look into getting a fiberglass kayak. These are low to the water, and you have a great amount of maneuverability. They do tend to be single seat style, though there are some two person kayaks. The thing to consider when buying a two person kayak is that they are difficult to use without two people, so it might be best to get a couple of single seat kayaks, that way should someone want to hit the water, and no one else wants to joint them, they can still head out.

The paddles for a kayak are double-sided, and you get a really great upper back workout when you're out on the water, so if you're looking for something that will get you into shape, then a kayak is the perfect choice.

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