What You Can Learn From Volleyball Summer Camps

Volleyball is a popular sport among kids, teens, and adults. In fact, many schools and bars offer team volleyball for recreation and fitness. If you would like to get into this sport as a teen, there are summer camps for volleyball. You can learn more about these camps from a professional like We Build You Play. If you are not sure what value there is in going to camp for volleyball, here is what you can learn and/or gain by attending such a camp.

Personal Fitness

When you start your week at volleyball summer camp, you may have all of your fitness levels checked. Heart rate, BMI, weight, and even light endurance tests may be performed so that camp counselors do not push you too hard. You can then set personal fitness goals for your week at camp so that you can get a little more fit and a little better at the game of volleyball.

Increased Endurance

Volleyball matches require endurance and speed. You have to stand in the hot sun or in a stuffy gym for an hour or more, and then you have to cover a large section of a volleyball court to keep the ball in the air and in play. Increasing your endurance to stand and your speed to move quickly is part of the game, and those things are worked on while you are at volleyball camp.

Different Rules of the Game

Volleyball, depending on what country plays the game and whether or not you play by standard rules or Olympic rules, has a lot of rules for you to learn. At camp, you learn the many different types of game rules and how they differ from how you initially learned to play. You may play several matches according to these different sets of rules so that you get accustomed to how others play the game or how they have learned to play the game.

Different Strategies for Different Volleyballs

Besides a standard volleyball, you may also learn how to play with a beach ball, an Olympic volleyball, a water-filled ball (which is harder to control because the water causes the ball to veer off in different directions than expected) and other types of balls. With each kind of ball, you learn how the ball moves, how it reacts to being bumped, hit and set, and how to spike it over the net. These different balls may also be incorporated into your lessons on the different rules of the game, thereby making it more challenging and fun to learn.