Tips For Making Sure Your Pistol Shots Are Accurate

If you have recently started looking at pistols and have even purchased your first one, then you may need some instruction on how exactly to shoot your new gun properly. This is a good idea if you want to get the most out of your pistol and if you also want to know how to be as safe as possible. Once you learn the basics, there are some things that can truly throw you off when it comes to shooting. Keep reading to learn about some tips that will help you to hit your target accurately.

Practice Your Trigger Pull

If you understand how to aim your gun using your sights, then you probably are familiar with how you need to pull the trigger afterwards. However, most people will jerk the trigger and cause the gun to shift slightly. The pistol will then move and the sights will no longer sit on the target properly. To prevent this, you should concentrate on your index finger, which is the right finger to use to pull the trigger. Squeeze very slowly and continue breathing normally. This will help to keep you from flinching when the gun does fire. 

You may flinch in anticipation of the recoil, or you may flinch in a natural reaction to the noise of the gun. To avoid a big reaction to the noise, you can purchase a pair of ear muffs for when you shoot. The best ones are ear protection devices with electronics that have noise cancellation capabilities as well as hearing protection. Most of these muffs require you to use a single AA or AAA battery. 

When you get your ear muffs, you should practice some dry firing. This is where you shoot your pistol like you normally would, but without the live rounds. As you dry fire, hold your gun with your normal grip and stance and pull the trigger. Without the noise and the action of the bullet firing, you will have the opportunity to concentrate on the way you squeeze the trigger, jerk your hand, or lower the barrel when you shoot. 

In some cases, your hand movements may be the result of holding a pistol that is too heavy for your hands. This is often the case if you notice the barrel inching downward or angling towards the ground as you practice shooting. You should go with a lighter gun in this case that is easier for you to shoot. There are a wide variety of lightweight pistols that you can choose from, most of which are .32 or .22 caliber guns, so try one of these varieties to see if your trigger pull improves. 

Perfect Your Stance

If your stance is not correct, then this can cause you to shoot in a way that is not accurate. You should make sure that your right leg sits back about one foot in front the left leg if you are right handed. If you are left handed, then the left foot should sit back about one foot. The feet should be facing forward, and they should be about shoulder-width apart. Your knees should be slightly bent. Your torso should be bent slightly forward. This is best to prepare your body for the recoil.

If you place your body in this stance, then you should be able to hold your gun straight and correctly so you can shoot accurately. However, if you find that the recoil forces your body back and also tips the barrel up as you shoot, then you should lean your body forward a bit more. Also, the way that your body forces your body to move could indicate that your grip on the pistol is not strong enough. Try tightening your hand grip on the gun. Most people hold their pistols a bit more loose than they should be. This can cause movement when you pull the trigger and also when the gun actually shoots. 

For more tips and information about improving your pistol shots, look into pistol training classes that are offered in your area.