These Mistakes Can Limit Your Fish Production on Your Charter Outing

When you schedule a fishing charter with friends, you're likely looking forward to a day on the water and some laughs. But make no mistake—this day is all about catching fish. You can count on your charter guide getting you in the right area to catch fish, but it's then up to you to do the rest. In order to keep your fish-production high, it's important to avoid making many of the mistakes that can plague some fishing enthusiasts. Here are some of these mistakes that you'll want to avoid.

Using the Wrong Lures

It's vitally important to come prepared with fishing gear, and that includes amassing a selection of lures for all sorts of conditions. Talk to the charter guide in advance to have a clear idea of what you'll be fishing for, and then get his or her recommendation about suitable lures to use. If you don't have these lures in your tackle box, make sure to buy some; doing so will give you the best chance of success. For example, if you're fishing for a fish that lurks deep in the colder water, you won't have any success if you're strictly using light lures that stay toward the surface.

Being Too Loud

It's easy to get a little boisterous with your fishing charter. After all, you're likely having an exciting day with your friends. However, being too noisy can limit your fish production, and this is especially true if you're fishing in an area with shallow water. Yelling or stomping around in the boat can reverberate through the water, scaring the nearby fish away. For example, if you're fishing for bass in a specialty boat with a shallow hull, the fish might be just a few feet below the boat. Being loud will send them fleeing.

Giving Up Too Quickly

Fishing is a game of patience, and that means that you shouldn't expect immediate results as soon as you drop your line in the water. When you fish in a group, there's always someone who will cast a couple times, not catch a fish, and then spend the next several minutes changing lures. Trust your lure and technique and don't give up too quickly. You don't want to spend half the day rummaging through your tackle box to find a different lure only to see that your fellow fishing enthusiasts are making consistent catches because they're more patient in their approach.

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