6 Tips For Using Fireworks For Your Gender-Reveal Party

Gender-reveal parties are becoming a popular aspect of American culture, and many couples are looking for a unique way to reveal their unborn baby's gender to their friends and family. From cutting cakes to popping balloons, the moment of surprise is becoming a rite of passage for many parents. If you want a more explosive gender-reveal party that is sure to stand out, you may want to consider revealing your baby's gender with the help of fireworks

Make Sure Fireworks Are Legal In Your Area

Each state and county has separate rules that govern the purchase and use of fireworks. For example, ground fireworks such as sparklers and roman candles may be legal in your area, whereas aerial fireworks may not be. Additionally, you may need special permits to set off aerial fireworks in your area. Before you plan your party, make sure that your choice of fireworks will follow all state and local laws. 

Decide Who Will Arrange the Fireworks Arrangement 

Sometimes, one of the parents learns the gender of the baby and arranges the party. Other couples want both parents to be surprised, and so they either pass an envelope to a vendor (such as a bakery) to allow the vendor to arrange the surprise or they have a third party make the arrangements. If you are ordering your fireworks online, you will likely need the help of a friend or family member who knows the gender of the baby, as some fireworks may be shipped in boxes that declare their color, which could ruin the surprise before you set off the fireworks. 

Order Your Fireworks Ahead of Time

While some online stores allow you to search products by the color of the fireworks, others do not. You will likely need to call the store and ask for advice or place a special order to make sure that you get an appropriate firework selection that will allow you and your guests to clearly see which gender your baby is based on the color of the fireworks. Because of this extra work, make sure you start arranging your gender reveal party as soon as you have an ultrasound confirmation of your baby's gender. 

Have Someone Other Than the Mother-To-Be Handle the Fireworks 

Although fireworks are probably safe for pregnant women to handle in small amounts, it is still important to note that they contain several different chemicals. Additionally, occasionally fireworks are mishandled and injuries do occur. The mother may want to protect herself and her baby from unnecessary stress associated with one of these injuries. Unless the mother-to-be is familiar with fireworks, you may want to designate someone else to set off the fireworks and simply have the mother watch and enjoy the surprise. 

Make Sure You Follow Basic Safety Guidelines 

Anytime you set off fireworks, it is important to follow basic safety guidelines. This includes reading the instructions, making sure you light the fireworks in an open area, and having safety measures such as a fire extinguisher and a bucket of water nearby. Following basic safety will help ensure that your gender reveal party is memorable for the right reasons. 

Prepare Your Photography Ahead of Time 

You will likely want a keepsake of your gender reveal party. However, it can be tricky to photograph fireworks. It is important to set up your shot ahead of time so you can make sure you capture the reaction of the future parents. You may consider hiring a professional photographer for this. 

Above all, you should remember to enjoy your gender reveal party. As long as the mother-to-be is not handling fireworks and you are following local laws and safety regulations, there is no reason why you should not enjoy an explosive, festive display as part of your gender reveal party.