3 Items From The Military Surplus Store That Any Gun Owner Needs

Many gun owners are prohibited from upgrading their firearms or related accessories due to the high cost of these upgrades. What many gun owners don't realize is that they are really only being strong-armed by the incredibly high prices of the sporting goods store near them, and that many of these parts can be found for a great discount at the military surplus store. Items like ammo boxes, scopes, and carrying bags and boxes, are usually very expensive, but are all a great deal at a military surplus store. 

Ammo Boxes

These are often used for decoration, but even 30 years or more after being taken out of service, a good ammo box is still a good ammo box. While modern options might be a bit hard to come by, the vintage models will still do the trick and give your hunting or shooting area a cool vintage look. However, the best part about buying an old surplus ammo box is that they are dirt cheap, and can be found for a fraction of the cost of an ammo box at a sporting goods or hunting specialty shop. 


Glass for hunting or shooting can be the most expensive single accessory on your gun, so finding a good deal on a new scope is paramount to frugal hunters or shooters. Thankfully, the majority of military surplus stores can offer a wide variety of scopes at very competitive prices. However, one thing to keep in mind when shopping the military surplus market for a scope is that the most current model or new brand might not be available, but like ammo boxes, an old scope can still be a great scope. 

Gun Luggage

A new gun bag or box can be a huge investment, but a necessary one if you're doing any traveling with your firearms. Any military surplus store worth its salt will carry several different options for many different kinds of guns, especially rifles and pistols. Hard cases are going to be your best bet at these stores, as these are more common than soft bags in the military, though a padded canvas case is a common sight here. 

It is common knowledge that gun owners feel right at home at a military surplus store like Andy and Bax, but what most don't know is that targeting your search can turn up some fantastic results. For these reasons, shopping for a new ammo box, scope, or case for your firearm are all great ways to beat the sporting goods store markup, and even go home with a vintage Americana treasure.