Filson Strap Vest: Designed With The Hunter In Mind

The Filson strap vest is the go-to solution for the active hunter on the go. Designed by hunters, with hunters in mind, this vest features everything that the active hunter not only needs, but wants as well. Here are just some of the features you can expect from this Filson vest. Easy Laundry Care One of the greatest features of the Filson strap vest is the fact that it is easy to care for. Whether you are using your strap vest for fly fishing or bird hunting, you want your vest ready to go whenever you are. If you had a vest option that had a long list of laundry care needs, chances are your vest wouldn't be ready when you were. Thanks to the design of these units laundering the vest can be completed right from the comfort of your own home. There is no need to send the strap vest off to a dry cleaner or some other service because you can do it on your own, for very little money. Water Repellant Another important feature of these strap vest is the fact that they are water repellant. When wearing your vest while active you can be exposed to a number of different elements, including rain, snow or even a large body of water. Since the primary reason for wearing the vest is to have a safe compartment to store your belongings, you want to ensure that they will be safeguarded against whatever elements you come in contact with. With this feature water will simply roll of the material instead of absorbing inside, so you can rest assured that your belongings will be protected. Adjustable Webbing Belt When trying to wear a belt comfortably, being adjustable is one of the most important things. When it comes to your belt what is comfortable one day can be significantly different on the next day and thereafter, so having an adjustable belt is important. With some other strap vest options the belt is simply one-size-fits-all. The only real option they provide you with is selecting a size of vest and just hoping that the belt fits. With the Filson strap vest you'll experience greater comfort when you have the option to adjust the belt to a size that is most comfortable for you. High Quality Fabric Given the extreme conditions in which you will be wearing your Filson strap vest you understand that the gear you wear needs to be extremely durable. Consequently, you only want to wear those fabrics that are going to be a match to these rugged conditions. Fortunately, with the Filson vest durability is guaranteed, because of the high quality fabric in which they are designed. When a low quality fabric is used the amount of tears, holes and overall wear and tear of the vest are much more significant, which results in a shorter usage period for the vest. However, with this high quality fabric you don't have to worry about only getting a short amount of usage from the vest, because it will last you for a significant amount of time. Ample Pockets Lastly, these vest also come equipped with ample pockets. While engaging in activity you won't be able to tote around a number of heavy and inconvenient bags to carry around everything you need. As a result, Filson has designed a vest that has ample pockets so that you can carry everything you need around. Not only does it provide you with the option to carry everything you need, but having everything stored inside the pockets of the vest makes it much easier to access these items as well. Click here for more information.